Amplifier sequencer

Having interfaced a number of transverters into radio systems I’ve learned it’s always good to use a sequencer. Sequencers are intended to be used with any lash-up that requires separate sequenced switching of circuits to control pre-amps, relays, transmitters, and power amps. This will prevent transmitting with a high powered amplifier into a coax relay … [Read more…]

Comparison of the FT-991A vs. IC-7100

I just acquired a FT-991a. After playing with it for a couple of hours it seems to be deaf using FT8 on 6M. So I hooked my IC-7100 and FT-991a to the same antenna using a T connector. Both radios are set the same, no preamp, gain levels, no AGC, etc. Both are running on … [Read more…]