License History

The other day I was pondering as to when I received my first amateur radio license. I knew it was early 90’s and I assumed since there is a 10 year renewal on licenses and my current one expires 2/2/2023 that it had to be close to that date in probably 1993. I started with the ARRL license lookup and it provided my last renewal information from 2012. I then went to the FCC ULS system and saw the exact same info as the ARRL.

It took me some time but there is a way to get the information. You have to do a ULS License Archive search which as of now is at: Here you will find all the renewals and modifications to your license over the years. I was able to confirm that my license was actually issued on 2/2/1993. I could also see the renewal applications approx ever 10 years as well as my address changes. Not super exciting but it was interesting that it was not as simple as I thought it would be to find an original issue date.