Ham radio equipment for sale

Below is a listing of items currently for sale. Microwave Modules 222 MHz transverter Microwave Modules 1296 Mhz transverter DEMI 50 MHz transverter DEMI 1296 MHz transverter 903 Directive Systems Loop Yagi Home-brew 903 MHz transverter – sold DEMI 432 MHz transverter – sold DEMI 144 MHz transverter – sold

Harris 6m Amplifier – updated

The latest project at radio station N1OFZ is the integration of a Harris TV amplifier. There are many sites that already cover how to do get it up and running so I’m just going to go over the things that I did that may be a little different. I like others added additional cooling to … [Read more…]

Amplifier sequencer

Having interfaced a number of transverters into radio systems I’ve learned it’s always good to use a sequencer. Sequencers are intended to be used with any lash-up that requires separate sequenced switching of circuits to control pre-amps, relays, transmitters, and power amps. This will prevent transmitting with a high powered amplifier into a coax relay … [Read more…]

Comparison of the FT-991A vs. IC-7100

I just acquired a FT-991a. After playing with it for a couple of hours it seems to be deaf using FT8 on 6M. So I hooked my IC-7100 and FT-991a to the same antenna using a T connector. Both radios are set the same, no preamp, gain levels, no AGC, etc. Both are running on … [Read more…]

Getting back on the sats!

Going to get back on the sats and maybe some EME. My sat system will be centered around a dedicated iMac, Yaesu FT-847, Yaesu 800DXA and G500 rotors, ERC-M rotor controller and Gulf Alpha circular polarized yagis on 144 and 432. 4/10 update: finished putting together the ERC rotor control boards

AM6155 Amp Revival

Since I have some antennas back up it’s time to get the old amps back up and running. I have a page about the Raytrack Horizon VI. It’s time to put one up about the AM6155/54. I have 3 of them, one for 144, one for 222 and one as a parts donor. I have … [Read more…]

License History

The other day I was pondering as to when I received my first amateur radio license. I knew it was early 90’s and I assumed since there is a 10 year renewal on licenses and my current one expires 2/2/2023 that it had to be close to that date in probably 1993. I started with … [Read more…]

RayTrack Horizon VI

Last fall I was doing some 6m MSK144 in the morning. I was able to hear stations all across the midwest every morning but rarely able to make contact with them. One day I got a call from Dave (KA1W), he had a line on a 6M tube amp. Fortunately the amp was nearby, it … [Read more…]

Winlink Linux RMS Server Go Kit

After the last ARES SET, Dan W1QK and I were talking about having the ability to have a small portable Winlink station(s) that can be deployed at a shelter or some needed location outside of our EOC.  I happened to have a number of small form factor HP computers that mount to the back of … [Read more…]

Oldie but goodie about APRS

A quick trip down memory lane today. Back in the early days of packet radio you used to get an IP4 address for your station to get on the ‘network’. You were part of the 44 AMPRNet. The speeds at the time were limited from 300 to 1200 baud. It was cool chatting via my … [Read more…]

TNC woes and Direwolf

This is really just a note to myself in case I ever have to get a TNC out of kiss mode again. Tried using the Xastir kiss-off.pl script as well as a number of other things. Finally was able to get it out by using the following command: echo -e ‘\0300\0377\0300’ > /dev/ttyUSB0 Also working … [Read more…]